Since 70% of success in any therapeutic intervention is the therapist client relationship, see what past and current clients say about working with us.

“When I first started working with Paige in October of 2017, I was on the brink of retiring from my career as a professional snowboarder. I had just come off of one of the worst competitive seasons of my life, and was neither enjoying the sport, nor progressing in it. Working with Paige was the last chance I gave myself to change my mentality towards snowboarding, and it paid off dividends. The 2017/18 season was not only the best year of my career, but the most enjoyable as well. Paige helped me to remove mental blocks acquired through negative experiences both in and outside of snowboarding, and because of that, I was able to earn a 3rd place finish at the Breckenridge Dew Tour, an X Games silver medal, and- the highlight of my career thus far- an Olympic Bronze medal. I am having more fun snowboarding than I ever have, and am looking forward to continuing my work with Paige to break down mental barriers so that I can reach my full potential as both a professional athlete and a person. Thank you for everything, Paige!”


Olympian and U. S. Snowboard Halfpipe Member

“Brainspotting with Paige has absolutely transformed my performance as a powerlifter—she has taken me to an entirely new level of athletic potential. I have been able to train harder and recover deeper than ever before, and have overcome fear of heavy weight, performance anxiety during competitions, and inexplicable mental blocks that used to arise during training and prevent me from lifting weight that I knew was physically easy for me.

I have also experienced incredible break-throughs in my mental health—brainspotting has brought me deep healing from lifelong depression, disordered eating, and anxiety, as well as healing from fatigue and burn-out accumulated through years of pushing myself to unsustainable levels of performance in music, school, work, and athletics.

After a few months of brainspotting, I experienced the best training cycle of my life. I set NASA Colorado state records at my last meet—and in the time since then I have continued to set PR’s in training and to effortlessly execute heavier lifts than I had ever thought possible. Clearing the blocks from my mind has allowed my body to fully experience its true potential and to really dig deep into my training. I am finding new joy in the sport that I love!

I also want to add that all of my sessions have been long distance, via Skype! Brainspotting with Paige is incredibly effective even when done long distance over video conferencing.”

— Cameron Rasmussen


“Before I started working with Paige Roberts, my mind was my biggest competitor. I experienced serious competition anxiety during all of my training sessions. When the competitions came, I did not trust my skiing abilities and would go into panic mode before my runs. Paige worked with me to find the root of anxiety using various techniques such as brain spotting and bilateral sound. We started breaking down all of my past traumas, both in freestyle skiing and everyday life. As seemingly insignificant past traumas were talked through, I realized that my past was holding me back. Paige helped me eliminate those traumas and keep my mind 100% focused during competition and training. Paige has truly made a positive and life long impact on my life. While working with Paige, I have found the confidence in myself I need to succeed in skiing and life. I highly recommend Paige for anybody looking to take his or her respective sport or career to the next level. Thank you Paige for all you have done!”

— Henry Kosinski


“Last winter I had Paige Roberts of On Point Performance Neuro Training work on some inflammation and tendonitis that had developed in my wrist. The pain and swelling had plagued me for almost two years, nonstop. Literally after 2 months’ worth of laser treatment sessions I had no symptoms of pain or stiffness in my wrist. Additionally, it’s completely non-invasive, which meant I avoided any possibility of infection or disruption to my daily routine. I’m very grateful for her insight and discernment regarding which methods to use on me. I would highly recommend her!”


I’ve been involved in contact sports since elementary school. My first sport was point karate, which I started in the fourth grade. I then continued on to both football and wrestling during high school, without any knowledge of concussions or trauma.
I attended Walsh University in Canton, Ohio, where I was a 4 year letter winner and 3 year starter for the Cavaliers . I’ve always made it a priority to take care of my mental and physical health, and I was fortunate to get out college pretty healthy. During my time at Walsh University I was never diagnosed with a concussion or missed any games due to head trauma. However, two times in my career I was victim of a crack back block, and had my helmet knocked off. Each time I hit the turn and was extremely dizzy for about 20-30 seconds, but I stood back up and put back on my helmet and kept playing – something I wouldn’t advise young athletes  I was fortunate that I didn’t do further damage to myself.
I learned from my mistakes and made better choices when I began my mma career. I started training in 2006 and turned professional in 2008. Throughout my mma career I’ve been fairly healthy and haven’t take a ton of damage that I’m aware of. In 23 professional fights I’ve been knocked out once in competition, and that was in 2012. It was a flash knock out, and I was out for 5-7 seconds at the most – via a left hook on the temple. I had no headache afterwards or any lingering effects that I recall. In 2013 I took a high kick to the jaw in practice. I was wearing headgear and they had in shin guards, but despite these precautions, I was out for about 30 seconds. After I woke up, I was extremely disoriented and lost track of time before going to the hospital. What I thought was 5-10 mins in the locker room was really 45 minutes to an hour of me repeatedly asking what happened and how long I was out for.
After each incident I took 1 month off with no head contact as a precaution. Today as veteran fighter I advise mma athletes to take similar care of themselves post head trauma. Additionally, there is no need to have heavy hard sparring in practice. You should save that for fight night.
If you’ve dealt with head trauma in the past you need to speak with a professional like Paige Roberts to help you work through any potential lingering issues. I have lots of other things that I want to do in life, and ignoring my health would deter me from that.

-Brain Rogers

MMA Fighter-Bellatar

“My last concussion turned into an ongoing multi-year stint with post-concussion syndrome, where every day was yet another battle in dealing with the migraines and symptoms. Over the past few years, I have seen neurologists from four different clinics across two states, with little to no luck. The pharmaceutical approach to treating mild traumatic brain injuries was not working, the amount of drugs I was being prescribed were climbing, and I was losing hope fast.

I started working with Paige in November of 2019 after learning about light-therapy and haven’t looked back since. Paige opened my eyes to the biohacking world and its benefits, and I haven’t looked back since. From the technical side, Paige’s depth of knowledge in photo-biomodulation therapy and brainspotting placed me on the fastest trajectory to recovery. Her immense background in bio-hacking gave her the insight to give me the research-backed evidence on diet changes that improve your well-being, supplements for optimal brain and body health, strength training advice, and recommendations for vision therapy to re-train my eyes, which lost functionality after the brain injuries.

I am now the healthiest I have ever been, working towards a full recovery, and will continue to bio-hack my health every chance I get in order to live my best life.”

— Karim Yamout

Wrestler  & Rugby Player

“Working with Paige has without a doubt changed my career. I first started working with her in 2014 after some injuries and consistently disappointing results. We worked hard to clear past trauma and build my confidence. I went on to win the North American Grand Prix that next season and grab my best World Ranking to date. Paige has given me the tools to become better than I thought possible. Her passion, knowledge, and talent are unrivaled in her field. I’m eager to continue our work and see what the future holds!


US Ski Team
2015 NorAm Grand Prix Champ

“As a female wrestler in Steamboat Springs Colorado, I understand the importance of training hard and the time and dedication it takes to reach your optimal performance. I have spent countless hours in the weight and wrestling room training year round. I had always found myself a little bit stuck and was frustrated not really knowing what I was missing. I was distracted and found my self losing the desire to work as hard to accomplish my goals. My trainer, Charlie Chase noticed this and recommended Brain spotting with Paige Roberts. Brain Spotting has shown me that you can train hundreds of hours but if your mind is not in the right head space all of that training can do nothing for you. Wrestling is 90% mental and when discovered I subconsciously had things holding me back, I was being held back from my full potential in wrestling. Paige was tremendously helpful in getting my head clear by going through things that my mind had been caught up in throughout my life, so that when I was on the mat the only thing I was there for was to wrestle. This increased my performance immensely and decreased my stress, to stay in the moment 100% of the time. In this my success has resulted in 7-10 record for wrestling boys and 15-4 record in girls, taking 5th in the state of Colorado as a sophomore in high school. I would highly recommend brain spotting if you are a dedicated athlete trying to connect the mind and body for an ultimate performance.”



As a professional athlete. I’ve struggled with dealing with my mind. My thoughts constantly impacted my performance and training. I learned about Paige from a former competitor, and since I’ve begun with her, I’ve changed as an athlete. I’ve started to train more efficiently, compete better, and feel better about what I’m doing.

Paige used various techniques to help me on my way. Listening to ocean waves to help destress the brain, brain spotting to release any nerves or thoughts that kept me from training or performing at my peak, and sensory deprivation to help emphasize the effects of these techniques.

Paige’s approach was welcoming and wholesome. She made me eager to learn and I found myself looking forward to the next session as soon as one had completed.

I would recommend Paige Robert’s services to anyone who seeks an expert in psychology. Her methods are fantastic and she is more than a psychologist, she’s a friend!”


Freestyle Mogul Skier

Post Brainspotting23rd in age group at the World Championships Olympic Distance Triathlon after 2 stress fractures in femur and tibia that basically kept me from running all year leading up to the race. Used photobiomodulation to speed up healing and keep inflammation under control when I could start running again only 3 weeks before the race. Brainspotting also increased my confidence on bike which translated into a significant power increase and a faster descent when riding downhill.  It also helped control my anxiety of racing at the world level when I had no idea what to expect.


“As an athlete, yoga teacher, Life and Business Coach, I see the tremendous value of consistently peeling back the subconscious layers of limiting beliefs and wounds which trip our ‘upper-limit’ as we evolve toward greater personal successes in our lives. I had decided to work with Paige because I knew I was ready to ‘up-level’ my life, yet noticed there were plateaus I would hit when attempting each time. Paige’s experience, knowledge and intuitive approach was precisely the ingredient I needed. Within only 6 session, I had made significant changes in my life which lead me to say NO to unhealthy things, people and patterns and a big YES to my Truth. I recommend Paige’s work with great enthusiasm if you are ready, or even getting ready, to experience your full potential.”

—Valerie D’Ambrosio

Steamboat Springs, CO

Brain-spotting is unlike any mental work that I have ever done. I worked through past trauma that was holding me back, and built a foundation to achieve my goals. Paige with On Point helped me see a new perspective on what I am capable of, and the experiences I have been through. I have learned to approach my training and competitions with more confidence and deliberation. Thank you for helping know that I can be the best!


Former U.S. Alpine Ski Team Member

Brainspotting has changed my life. I was skeptical at first of what the actual benefits from this unheard-of therapy could do, but I was happily surprised to find out how effective it could be. Being a Division 1 lacrosse player has had its’ ups and downs for me, but since I started with Paige, there have been much more ups. She has helped me with physical and mental impairments, providing clarity to my life as well as overcoming poor performance related to my mental attachments to injury. Paige is incredibly intelligent and continues to provide me with mind blowing research of what is happening with dissecting society’s knowledge of the brain and turning out results of how to simply improve your health and performance. Overall, brainspotting has improved my performance within lacrosse dramatically as well as my life as a whole and I would recommend it to anyone willing to listen. Whether there are little or major events that have affected your life, brain spotting enables your body to cope with those and release that negative mental attachment to that event and will help you to live a happier and healthier life..


Division 1 Lacrosse Player

Paige is Awesome!!

Her depth of understanding and breadth of knowledge puts her at the top of the brainspotting field.

But it goes deeper than knowledge.  Paige is passionate about every aspect of her professional career as well as life.  Not only has she shared knowledge to help me coach my athletes in a superior way, she through her practice, has brought my athletes to new levels.  If you haven’t seen her presentation at the 2016 International conference on brainspotting, DO!  Paige’s down to earth approach helps you understand why her methods work so well.  From budding young athletes to elite professionals, Paige is the go to, to build and extend their career.  She truly is THE game changer!


Paige Roberts has helped our son through adolescence and into young adulthood as he processed ski racing and soccer injuries pre and post two knee surgeries. It was a difficult phase as his teenage identity was that of an athlete, and being sidelined with injury was very tough in every way: physically, emotionally and mentally. Paige’s use of brainspotting and therapy helped him accept his injuries, process his surgeries and ultimately return to sports.  

Alex has been very successful in his senior year of high school soccer; he is a dedicated leader, the captain of the Varsity team, and is being recruited to play at the collegiate level. He now has the confidence to make this next step. He has a strong interest in studying sports psychology which we feel is influenced by working with Paige and learning that there is a way to move forward after injury.

 Our son also decided to return to ski racing for fun with the high school program. Last season, Alex was All-State in GS and enjoyed racing and being part of a team. In the past, this was stressful, individual, and hyper-competitive. It was gratifying to see him love taking part in a sport that previously had only caused him apprehension. This was an example of him adjusting his relationship with a learned pattern and we feel Paige helped bring him to this place.

 Lastly, Paige was very helpful adjusting parental thought patterns from parenting a young, teenage athlete to stepping back and allowing a young man to manage his emotions as an adult. 

 We strongly recommend Paige and brainspotting as an excellent resource for athletes and their families.


“As a Former Head Athletic Trainer in the NHL winning 2 Stanley Cups with Colorado and being part of the US Olympic Medical Staff from 1987-2002 I can honestly say I’ve referred to a lot of health care professionals. Paige has been able to bring together multiple disciplines for the betterment of the athlete. When Paige is Brainspotting, counseling, and or doing therapeutic laser techniques she is pulling everything together with great outcomes. Her skills are easily measured in the final outcomes of the athlete. Bringing a entry level to the top of their game or helping the elite athlete comeback from a potential career ending injury. Paige IS the total package!!!”


Executive Director, ProAdvocates Foundation

After a series of ski accidents and surgeries, our son became tentative and lost his competitive edge on the ski hill. After working with Paige to release the trauma that your cells hold on to after an accident, our son had a complete turnaround. He emerged from a 2-year slump and had an incredibility successful season winning every event he was in. Eliminating the trauma gave him his confidence back so he could reach his goals. I highly recommend any athlete dealing with trauma, concussions or disappointments in their performance to include Brain Spotting as part of their training regimen. Paige is a very gifted therapist!


Thank you Paige for helping me lighten the load. I had been carrying some long standing emotional issues that were not helping my overall performance in everyday life. You have helped me release these blocks and move on.  Most of the issues we addressed do not stand in my way anymore. I had a little hesitation coming to see you with such personal issues, but Im glad I did and would recommend others do the same!


Honestly, had I not met Paige and done the treatments with her I would not have recovered from my injury, nor would I be able to play soccer or ski. I went in having no idea what laser treatments and brain spotting was all about. At first, I did not understand how these treatments would help me, but Paige was incredibly easy to talk to and explained the process and benefits very clearly.  We started with the laser and the brain spotting on the first day. Right from the beginning brain spotting treatments had a positive effect. In fact, I felt immediate results in my general attitude about life, sports, and my back.  The laser treatments took awhile to take effect, and again by trusting Paige and her expertise, the results came through ten fold. Paige fixed my back, I just finished soccer season pain free and cannot wait to begin skiing again!


“I was amazed at how quickly I saw improvements in Steve when he started Brainspotting as well as light and laser therapy. He was a competitive hockey player in his youth and has experienced more concussions in his life than he can count. He was struggling with yet another concussion recovery with classic post concussive syndrome symptoms, most notably irritation, anger, depression, frequent headaches, light and sound sensitivities. 

After his first session with Paige I noticed an immediate change. It was as if a heavy cloud had been lifted. He was not nearly so easily reactive. He did a series of seven sessions and is now able to look back at the time before Brainspotting and see the difference for himself. Now he rarely wakes up with a headache. While he still faces triggers daily, he is able to manage the frustration and aggravation that arises. This work has allowed him the space to respond to life instead of reacting. The depression is less dense and doesn’t last as long. He is still sensitive to light and sound although much less so. It has been just over a month since his last session and all these improvements have held and he continues to improve.”


For most of my life I have played some form of contact sports. I began playing ice hockey at a young age and continued into college. When I was at university I was forced to stop playing ice hockey because off the severity of the amount of diagnosed concussions I had sustained. Unfortunately for me my concussion history did not end there. I suffered a few more while surfing in the ocean, not to mention through an assault and several accidents in the last few years. 

 The cumulative result of these concussions reached their breaking point and I began to experience severe symptoms of pain, nausea, fatigue, depression and suicidal thinking. It was to the point were I couldn’t get out of bed, literally. I couldn’t read or focus my eyes on anything for months. These effects lessened, yet still remained over the last few years. I had made very little progress in these areas until I met with Paige and began Brainspotting.

 My partner happens to be a bodyworker and was working on client/friend who shared a story with her about her laser and Brainspotting sessions. Needless to say her client/friend reported that it helped her deal with many traumas from her life, both mental and physical. 

 I just happened to know this client and asked her about her experience. She described the use of lasers, auditory sound and visual techniques. She had clearly overcome many of her fears that I had know her to have. Her positive experience sparked my interest in the lasers and brainspotting therapies. 

 So I decided to give it a shot, but before I did, I researched the subject and found proof through neuroscience that these techniques do actually work. This wasn’t just some psycho-therapy babble. There’s science behind how and why these techniques actually work.

 I went for it and did both the Laser and Brainspotting treatments. The experience that I received from these sessions blew my mind, literally. This work is extremely profound and after only a few appointments I began to experience a significant decrease in my symptoms. The effects of the treatment began within minutes and I was astonished by what transpired. The internal movements in my body and mind were happening naturally with Paige’s guidance.

 Of all the things that I have tried to help me with my condition this is THE only modality that has actually produced results. The more work that you can do with Paige, her Brainspotting techniques and the lasers, the better off you will be.  

 My life has completely changed as a result of taking the chance on Paige and her unique abilities. Paige has the ability to see the things that are standing in our way of change and the techniques/abilities to remove them so we can once again live a wonderful, fulfilling, joyful life.” 


I came to Paige for an eating disorder and a fear of heights. My desired result was a balanced relationship with food and body, and overcoming fears so that I can move forward with the activities I love.

I worked with Paige during the summer of 2016. She has an amazing gift and was able to help me overcome some past traumas, grief, and fears. In addition, she helped me overcome an eating disorder that I have struggled with throughout my life. I now enjoy a balanced relationship with food, and have a much more positive body image.

Since working with her, I have also successfully crossed the Devil’s Causeway (a well-known high narrow rocky path in Steamboat Springs)…a true test to my fear of heights. It felt like a miracle. I had just recently hiked a route that included some river crossovers (just one week prior to crossing the causeway). During that hike, I was experiencing major anxiety and my legs would shake every time I would come to a creek crossing.

I have been able to go backpacking, and take on other sports that I wouldn’t have been able to do in the past because of my limiting fears. I am also now in a happy and healthy relationship, and truly living my best life.

I have referred many friends to Paige, including a close friend that recently lost her husband very suddenly and unexpectedly. My friend was commuting over 3 hours to see Paige while she was still in Colorado. She has a true gift for helping people, and she has a caring and compassionate approach.

I am super grateful for our work together, and would highly recommend her to anyone seeking help. I achieved my desired result of gaining a balanced relationship with food and body, and completely overcame fear of heights, as well as other fears. I have seen many therapists through the years, and Paige is by far the best.”


As an advocate and attorney for retired and current athletes dealing with post concussive syndrome,TBI, along with their debilitating  consequences and as a professional who is fighting for the rights of athletes to be better protected from the risk associated with sports,  I have found Paige’s unique and expansive post concussive treatment modalities of Brainspotting and Photobiomodulation are cutting edge and potentially  helpful to many athletes suffering from post concussive syndrome.

Ms Roberts is passionate about helping athletes of any sports discipline.  She works to ensure athletes heal completely mind and body from their past and current sports injuries so they can go on to live a productive life during retirement or to return to their peak performance within their respective sport.

If you are suffering from symptoms associated with post concussive syndrome contact Ms Roberts to learn more about her work.




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